Info on Diaries

All diaries are different.

What would you like to indulge in today?

It can be challenging deciding which diary you want to subscribe to.  After all, this will be the diary you read during some of your most intimate private moments.  

The Dark Fetish Freak

If you're into the dark fetishes including ageplay, Nadia is the best choice. She has an open young mind and shares some of her most private stories.
Updates are made 2 times a week. Nadia also has a special ageplay diary series that's included with your membership.

The Erotic Storyteller

Sarabi Maraj is the ebony worship Goddess with addicting assets and a sweet tongue. She shares her real life sex stories and other experiences as an online sex worker. She updates her diary 2-3 times a week.

The Headmaster

Evangeline is the Headmaster and takes control over any man with her words. She is a shemale, so she has a little something extra to offer. Updates are made 2-3 times a week.

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